Art in Team building- workshop description

Engage and emerge yourself in a creative and collaborative team building workshop.

If you do not think you can be an artist, think again! You will not only walk away with a good feeling about techniques on effective team collaboration, you will be one of the artists that created a masterpiece jointly with your colleagues. This creative workshop fosters team work, incorporates best practices in decision making, conflict management, and trust building.

Two hour workshop:

I. Introductions

 Overview of the art workshop.

 Expectations from participants.

 What does art mean to you?

 Tell us something about you that your team members would not know.

 What would make the workshop a pleasant experience? A productive 2 hours?


II. Group decisions about the art

 Colors

 Subject matter

 Style

 Individual canvases or one large canvas

 Coordination of painting process


III. Creating the art

 Setting up materials

 Team painting exercise


IV. Implications for strengthening the team

 Participants discuss the painting process/workshop.

 Please give us three adjectives that describe your experience at the workshop.

 Did you know you are an artist?

 Were you surprised at anything you learned today about your colleagues?

 What opportunities and challenges did we face?

 Was there any conflict during the process? Did the conflict lead to a better decision? A stronger team?

    A less productive workshop? A frustrated team? A more meaningful experience?

 Will this workshop have an impact as you collaborate with your colleagues in the future? If yes, would you be willing to share your thoughts?

 Would you consider another workshop?

 What would you do differently?