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How does Art in Giving accomplish its objectives?

Art in Giving raises funds for childhood cancer research through the sale of fine art of participating artists and galleries.  Instead of paying a commission, the artists donate 50% of the sales proceeds, generated through the efforts of Art in Giving, to The Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation.  The Foundation is a publicly supported charity qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our unique model targets the corporate purchase of artwork for building lobbies and offices and for gifts to recognize clients, employees, donors, volunteers, guest speakers, board members, and more.  Art can be purchased online at Many of the participating artists are in the Greater Boston Area but we also have artists in CA, Illinois, New Mexico and NY.  We also have a few artists in Europe and partner with galleries in Paris and Nice, France.

Art in Giving offers the services of curators to help clients select appropriate art.

How can my company get involved?

1)  Purchasing art for its buildings and offices

Sanofi Oncology was the first partner to participate. Its 640 Memorial Drive Office building is currently exhibiting approximately 40 pieces of art from the gallery of Art in Giving.

Other major clients include Equity Office, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc., BioMed Realty, Pfizer, Sherin and Lodgen and Raymond James.

2)  Purchasing Art in Giving certificates for its executives and other employees, board members, guest speakers and clients to thank them and express appreciation.

3)  Making a tax deductible contribution.

If I buy a gift certificate, what does the recipient receive and how does s/he go about redeeming it?

The certificate recipient is provided with the attached letter:

Dear Honoree:  It is my pleasure to let you know that DONOR NAME purchased the attached Art in Giving certificate in your honor.  Art in Giving combines philanthropy with the fine arts. Its mission is to raise funds for pediatric cancer research and other health related initiatives that help families cope with childhood cancer. The certificate enables you to select a piece of fine art from any one of the participating Art in Giving artists and galleries listed on the web site. You can begin your selection by visiting gallery or by browsing through the different price range categories. Up to fifty percent of all money spent including money spent above the face value of the certificate, benefits The Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation dedicated to helping families cope with childhood cancer. Congratulations on your honor.  I hope you will enjoy a cultural journey selecting your gift. Please contact me at 617 877 4230 or at if I can be of any assistance in your art selection of the art.  My best regards, Eliane Markoff

If I donate money directly to Art in Giving and do not purchase art, do I get a tax deduction?

Yes. Art in Giving is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation, a publicly supported 501(c) charity.

If I buy art do I get a charitable deduction because the money spent for the art goes to the Foundation?

No, because an item of value is purchased, there is no charitable deduction available to the purchaser.

The artist gets the deduction as he/she is donating 50% of the sale proceeds to the Foundation.

A cash gift, however, is fully tax deductible.

Where can I go personally to see/select artwork?

You can visit our gallery online, or under certain circumstances, Art in Giving can bring the art work(s) to your location for viewing.

What percentage of the funds raised by the Foundation goes directly to pediatric cancer research?

After paying the artists, over 80% of the funds raised go to pediatric cancer research. We have no staff. All advisory board members are volunteers.

Close to ten percent of the funds go to pediatric cancer support programs, including special summer camps for children with cancer.

Who receives foundation grants?

The Foundation distributes funds to leading cancer researchers across the country including Stanford University Medical School, Yale University School of Medicine, Barrow Neurological Institute, University of Pennsylvania, The Broad Institute, Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins University, Mass General Hospital, NYU Langone Medical Center, and Dana Farber.

How many artists participate in Art in Giving?

Art in Giving currently represents approximately 40 prominent and emerging artists.  Most of them are in the US but two artists live and work in Paris. We continually add new art pieces to the on-line gallery.

What kind of artwork is sold through Art in Giving?

A variety of styles and mediums are employed by participating artists. They include oil, watercolor, pastels, mosaic, and sculpture. Most of the artists have been selected and approved by an independent curator.

If I buy art on line from European artists, do I need to pay for international shipping?

Most likely not. Many of the art pieces exhibited on the Art in Giving gallery/website created by European artists are exhibited or stored in the Greater Boston Area.

What is the difference between Art in Giving and The Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation?

The Foundation sells art through its wholly owned subsidiary, Art in Giving LLC, a Massachusetts limited liability company.  Proceeds raised by Art in Giving are paid to the Foundation to benefit pediatric cancer research and support programs.  Donations to Art in Giving or the Foundation are equally and fully tax deductible.