Art in Giving Gallery

This document summarizes the role of Gallery Art in Giving and expectations of its member artists.

The mission of Art in Giving is to promote the artists’ work to benefit childhood cancer research.

Art in Giving (aka Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation) is a public charity. The gallery sells art to clients ranging from individual collectors to large corporations. It strives to provide them with quality art together with a high level of service. As such, Art in Giving is grateful to its artists who are important stake holders in the success of its mission. 

All artists associated with Art in Giving participate because they believe in Art in Giving’s charitable mission to help find a cure for childhood cancer. In addition, Art in Giving plays a significant role in promoting the arts.

Please read the statement of expectations below that will allow Art in Giving to continue its mission, and if you agree, please sign below where indicated.

The proceeds from the sale of art through the efforts of Art in Giving will be allocated as follows:

50% to the artist whose art is selected; and

50% donated by the artist to the Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation. 

Please note: Artists receive a letter from the public 501 (c) (3) Foundation acknowledging their 50% contribution.

To be considered for the Art in Giving gallery, artists are expected to submit 4 to 6 images of their work in the format shown below along with a resume and an artist statement. The images, resume and statement should be emailed to Eliane Markoff at Please follow the requested instructions on the file name listed below when you submit your images. Please note that many of the artists who are added to our gallery are those recommended by our current and future corporate clients.

Once approved, artists will be asked to do the following:

1.       Submit an additional 6-8 pieces of their work to be available for sale. If the art work becomes unavailable, the artist is expected to notify Art in Giving as soon as possible so that the gallery web site can be updated promptly.

2.       Each image should be 72 dpi, 1200×1200 pixels or smaller, and with its file name containing the artwork’s information in this order:

  • Artist’s name separated by hyphen under bar

  • Title of artwork separated by hyphen under bar

  • Dimensions (height first then width) with a lowercase ‘x’ for clarity

  • Media type separated by hyphens

  • Price separated by hyphens

  • .jpg – please notice the period before the jpg

            Example: If a painting by the artist, Eliane Markoff, is titled ‘Sunday Flowers’, it is oil on canvas, measures 32” x 32” and is valued at $3600, it would be submitted as follows: Eliane-Markoff_Sunday-Flowers_32x32-oil-on-canvas-3600.jpg

            Note: there are no spaces, commas, dollar signs, etc., only upper and lowercase letters, under bars, hyphens and periods

3.                   Art in Giving will notify the artist promptly when his or her work is to be purchased by a client. The artist is expected to ship the work directly to the buyer within two weeks.  Art in Giving will collect the purchase price, sales tax, and any shipping costs that the artist tells Art in Giving will be incurred. When funds are received by Art in Giving from the buyer, the artist will be paid 50% of the sales proceeds plus sales tax and shipping costs shown on the paid invoice. The artist is expected to remit the sales tax directly to the taxing authority.

4.                   Each artist may be asked to participate in at least one Art in Giving sponsored exhibition per year requiring delivery and retrieval of the work by the artist at the designated times. We have a few clients, especially real estate companies, who loan art on a rotational basis. The loan program will not be offered to new clients.

5.                   Artists may be asked to participate in the Corporate Art Loan Program. A stipend of $400 will be paid for the loan of a piece of art for one year. Artists are responsible for maintaining insurance during shipping and the exhibition period if on a loan program.

6.                   Each artist is expected to provide Art in Giving one corporate contact who will be notified via email of the artist’s affiliation with Art in Giving. It is our experience that companies are motivated to purchase more art again from an artist when they find out the artist is affiliated with Art in Giving.

7.                   Each artist is asked to cross reference the gallery on his/her website

Thank you for your interest in the gallery of Art in Giving.


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